“Half dreamy, half disarmingly blunt..."Red Without Blue," which will air June 25 on the Sundance Channel, takes on fascinating depths and textures...”
–Steven Winn
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“Although the Farleys' trials have the makings of a soap opera envisioned by David Cronenberg, there's a quiet emotional hush to "Red Without Blue" that keeps tabloid prurience at bay and finds mystery and painful beauty in the unshakeable bonds of family.”
–Robert Abele<
“Winner of the audience award for documentary at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival, "Red Without Blue" is an understated but compassionate account of twin brothers who struggle to define themselves in terms of individuality and sexual identity.”
–Joe Leydon
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“Revealing, visually layered, and completely engaging, it's also a heart-wrenching emotional ride...After decades of shock filmmaking, only honesty like this can still startle us.”
–Regina Marler
“In this thoughtful, haunting documentary from Brooke Sebold, Todd Sills and Benita Sills, we're invited into the Farley family... The film sympathetically captures the process of a brave family making tentative, loving steps toward acceptance, as one twin copes with a new identity and the other, once a mirror image...”
–Moria Macdonald
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“The film's striking intimacy comes from the fact that Mark is a friend of the filmmakers. As a result, the movie captures each family member's most private moments in dealing with this pivotal event.”
–Natasha Sarkisian
“In large part due to the strength of a rave review in the Chronicle, the Victoria was packed to the gills for the Sunday afternoon screening of Red Without Blue...this is a movie where everyone -- not just Clair -- goes through a profound transformation.”
–Rita Hao
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“This startlingly intimate documentary profiles twin brothers Mark and Alex Farley and their parents... Their relationships are delicate, and their problems painful, but the movie never feels exploitive. There's no premeditated agenda or taking sides. It's just real life as it happens (in Montana, of all places), without fancy editing tricks or lurid confessions.”
–Brian Miller
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“A wrenching, deeply empathetic documentary... Each family member speaks with remarkable candor onscreen (including the twins' mother, who has an unconventional relationship of her own), and the camera doesn't flinch... "Red Without Blue" is an extraordinary portrait of a family's search for identity and love.”
–Tim Ryan
“Red Without Blue is a jarringly beautiful broken-mirror reflection of the fraught relationship between Mark and Alex/Clair Farley... Uncomfortably intimate at times, the documentary uses a fragmentary narrative to piece together the Farleys' murky history... the filmmakers' skill and their subjects' candour result in a gorgeous biographical portrait that has an otherworldly emotional wallop reminiscent of Tarnation.”
–Sarah Liss
“Red Without Blue... offers a respect and sensitivity that presents the twins' situation as an extraordinary study of identity and unconditional love...Red without Blue isn't really a movie about the journey from male to female. It's a movie about relationships, identity and the journey to accepting those you love, no matter who they turn out to be.”
–Elizabeth Chorney-Booth
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“At every step the filmmakers Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills, and Todd Sills capture an astonishing range of grey. No one is the hero, no one the villain, everyone in the film is struggling towards and eventually finds completion as a family.”
–Corey Schloibo
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“This emotionally charged tale of identical twin brothers who make a very awkward pit-stop through puberty will fascinate and perplex... Filmmakers Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills and Todd Sills expose us to uncomfortable questions about sex and identity, stripping them down to the most fundamental aspects of one's personhood... we are left wondering how we would cope as either twin.”
–David Lamble
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“Red Without Blue is a provocative, insightful, reflective and unabashed documentary of life in its most raw and truthful form... It was unflinching, accurate and filled with truthful emotions and all the messy descriptives that go with those emotions. Red Without Blue wasn't a film trying to make a point, it is a film trying to explore a question.”
–Kindah Mardam Bey
“Red Without Blue, the astonishing 77-minute documentary... brings a new immediacy to the personal documentary genre with its intimate portrayal of identical twin brothers from the Big Sky country of Montana who had a tougher than average time growing up. So tough, in fact, that they barely survived it.”
–Jesse Hawthorne Ficks
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“An amazing story...”
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“What's most interesting is how the film, by interviewing extensively each member of the family over three years, ultimately brings the family closer together. RED WITHOUT BLUE punctuates what a great documentary can do: Present a certain moment in one person(s) history. And that history grows and changes everyday.”
–Jesse Hawthorne Ficks
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“Red Without Blue is a thoughtful and visually intelligent commentary on the innate human desire for love and inclusion. The filmmakers, Brooke Sebold and Benita and Todd Sills, who together wrote, directed, produced and edited the film, show great story telling skill and patience.”
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“The film was incredible, and I had to fight back tears throughout. (In the end of course, I succumbed). The film was beautifully made, deeply moving and intelligent, expertly edited and completely captivating.”
–Danielle DiGiacomo
“Another Slamdance doc generating heat is Red Without Blue by Todd Sills, Benita Sills and Brooke Sebold. Three and a half years in the making, the film takes a frank look at human sexuality and the bonds that hold a family together as it follows Montana-born identical twins Mark and Alex and the evolution of their relationship after the latter transitions from male to female.”
–Josh Grossberg
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